Stem Cell Nutrition

Do you suffer from
• Arthritis?
• Heart Disease?
• Diabetes?

The National Institute of Health has identified 74 treatable diseases using stem cell based therapies.

Stem Cells are the only cells in the body capable of renewal and repair. Stem Cells are also proven to boost your immune system and your natural killer cells.

How could Stem Cell Nutrition help you?

As we age our stem cells migration naturally declines. By age 50 it has reduced by 50% and by age 65 you only have about 10% of the number of stem cells you had in your bloodstream when you were 25.

These products are all natural and are clinically proven to stimulate the release of your bodies own Adult Stem Cells. Every time you take 2 capsules you can release 35% more of you own stem cells – that’s between 4 to 10 million in a normal individual- that’s amazing!

Traditional supplements feed and nourish existing cells, however no matter how much you feed and protect your cells they will eventually die off. They do not create new cell lines. Only your Adult Stem Cells do.

What if you could increase the release of Adult Stem Cells that can become any cell type your body needs? New Brain, Heart, Liver, Bones, blood and immune cells etc.

Stem Cell Nutrition is a game changer for anti-ageing and wellness.


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